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ABOUT | Fritzler Design

Picture of Teresa Fritzler

Teresa Fritzler has owned Fritzler Design, in the heart of Orange County California, for 25+ years. She and her team focus on expert visual communication for corporate identity and marketing / communication, creating professional logos, websites, brochures and trade show graphics that represent the authentic brand within each company.

Applying the classic fundamentals in art, designs are created with an aesthetic quality that balance creative and traditional design solutions. Drawing on years of fine art and design education and experience, Fritzler Design visually defines each company — who they are, what they do and why they’re valuable, painting a picture of their unique qualities. For all industries including aerospace, agriculture, chemicals, software, entertainment, hair care and real estate, good design creates effective corporate identity that is vital to every company’s success, getting them noticed, understood and valued.

In addition to design, Fritzler Design provides a full-spectrum of creative services that include marketing, copy writing, web development, social media, printing and photography for a complete marketing / communication solution. Clients receive professional, high quality creative services and responsive, personal customer service dedicated to their business’ success.

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